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Remediation System Evaluation, Operation and Maintenance

O&M 4Creek Run successfully operates a variety of soil and groundwater remediation systems throughout Indiana.  Treatment technologies include soil vapor extraction (SVE), air sparge (AS), dual phase extraction (DPE), multiple phase extraction (MPE), pump and treat, biovent, passive/active free product recovery units, and treated water infiltration networks.  Major components within these systems include liquid ring vacuum pumps, regenerative blowers, air strippers, granulated activated carbon vessels, oil/water separators, transfer pumps, rotary vane sparge compressors, air compressors, pneumatic groundwater pumps, and assorted manifolds, flow meters, and sensors.  All Creek Run remediation systems are equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC) to allow remote monitoring of operations.

Creek Run engineers and technicians are skilled in troubleshooting equipment malfunctions, determining if remedial components can be repaired or need to be replaced, and performing the necessary repairs or replacements to restore systems to full operation.  Once a system is operational, Creek Run professionals fine-tune surface and subsurface remedial components to maximize system performance (i.e. increase run time and the rate of contaminant removal). 

In addition to troubleshooting equipment problems and restoring remediation systems to operational status, Creek Run can provide regularly scheduled operation and maintenance (O&M) services to keep systems operating efficiently.  Our extensive, ongoing operations require Creek Run to maintain close working relationships with system builders, equipment manufacturers, and other remedial service providers.  These long-term relationships allow Creek Run to access specialized remedial experts and obtain preferential pricing for components and supplies – factors that can benefit your remedial efforts.