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Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I ESA 2A Phase I ESA, typically required by a potential buyer or lender prior to conclusion of a transfer of ownership, is conducted to identify areas of recognized environmental conditions (RECs) at a commercial property.  Creek Run prepares Phase I ESAs following ASTM Standard E1527-13.  A Phase I ESA consists of three (3) main components: acquisition and evaluation of historical records and owner/operator questionnaires; site inspection; and preparation of a written report.  A Phase I ESA report will be prepared upon conclusion of the historical review and site inspection. 

A Phase II ESA is an investigation to confirm or negate the RECs identified during the Phase I process.  Following review of the Phase I ESA and other available site information, a concise Phase II ESA scope of work is developed to ensure all areas of potential concern are properly assessed and client needs are fully addressed.