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Report Review and Regulatory Status Appraisal

Regulatory ComplianceActual and perceived environmental impacts can drastically affect the value of a property.  Therefore, environmental reports must be complete, accurate, and present a realistic interpretation of the regulatory status of the property.  A second opinion on the adequacy of technical reports and relevant regulatory issues can be invaluable to a decision maker.  Over 130 years of cumulative environmental and regulatory experience provide Creek Run engineers, geologists, and scientists with an outstanding ability to evaluate the adequacy of environmental reports prepared by other consultants, identify significant data gaps and their consequences, and verify the regulatory status of impacted properties.  Creek Run personnel routinely review a wide variety of environmental reports {Phase I ESAs, Phase II ESAs, Initial Site Characterizations (ISCs), Corrective Action Plans (CAPs), Remediation Work Plans (RWPs)} and prepare impartial assessments of their technical accuracy, conformity to standard report formats required by applicable regulatory entities, and likelihood of regulatory approval.