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columbia1The owner of this former service station had Creek Run report a release to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) in March 1999 after impacted soil was discovered during a used oil underground storage tank (UST) system closure by removal. Following IDEM notification, investigation activities conducted from April 1999 to April 2006 and confirmed that soil and groundwater beneath the site has been impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons in concentrations exceeding residential and commercial levels. IDEM approved the investigation efforts in July 2006.

Creek Run prepared a Remediation Work Plan recommending excavation and off-site disposal of impacted soil exceeding commercial levels and removal of heavily impacted groundwater. The remediation approach was approved by IDEM and excavation activities commenced on March 13, 2008. Source removal activities were very effective and no soil or groundwater impacts remained above residential levels. IDEM assigned a No Further Action (NFA) status to the incident on February 1, 2010. Creek Run was able to achieve unrestricted closure for this incident.

columbia2During investigation and remediation activities, the site owner negotiated the sale of the property. Creek Run worked closely with the owner and buyer to ensure that work would be completed in a timely manner and any residual impacts remaining at the site would be acceptable for future land use. Once excavation activities were complete and confirmatory soil results indicated all impacted soil had been removed from the site, the new owner of the property was able to construct a new building and use the site as an automobile parts store.

Due to the source of the contamination, the incident was not eligible to receive reimbursement from the Excess Liability Trust Fund (ELTF). However, Creek Run worked closely with the owner’s recovery attorney and was able to obtain 100% funding for this work through insurance carriers.