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Ross Yeater

Project Manager

Ross Yeater is a Project Manager at Creek Run and head of the Creek Run LaPorte office. Ross joined the Creek Run staff in September 2016 and is responsible for groundwater sampling, soil borings/classification, underground storage tank closures, soil excavations, vapor sampling, and technical report including Quarterly Monitoring Reports, Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, Initial Incident Reports, Emergency Response Reports, Initial Site Characterizations, Further Site Investigations, Vapor Intrusion Sampling Reports, and Request for Closure Reports. He has completed the OSHA 40-hour HAZWOPER training and attends yearly refresher courses.

Ross earned his Bachelor of Science in Geology with Environmental Concentration from Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (currently Purdue University Fort Wayne) in May 2016.  While an undergraduate, he worked as a TA for introductory geology lab courses and was involved in several research projects including a mineralogical x-ray diffraction analysis investigating a Carbon isotope anomaly within an Ordovician intertidal zone in Kentucky, a geophysical characterization of folds from the Sveconorwegian Orogeny in Gothenburg, Sweden, and a periodic groundwater monitoring project of a well field adjacent to the St. Joseph River in Fort Wayne.  He presented his research on the well field at the Geological Society of America North-Central Meeting 2016 and the 131st meeting of the Indiana Academy of Science.

Ross’s interests include observing the natural world and learning about the environment. In his free time, he enjoys disc golfing and touring state and national parks around Lake Michigan.