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R. Randall Newton

Chief Draftsman

Randy Newton is Chief Draftsman and Facility Manager for Creek Run. He has work at Creek Run since August 2002. Randy earned an Associates Degree in Industrial Drafting from Indiana Vocational Technical College in 1985. While attending Ball State University, Randy studied Business Management and completed courses up to his junior year. Randy has used AutoCAD programs extensively since 1989 and attends numerous seminars and training programs to enhance his drafting skills.

Randy has over 30 years of professional drafting and engineering support experience. His primary responsibility at Creek Run is construction of concise, easily interpreted site plans used in Creek Run reports. Typically, Randy visits a site early in a project and plots the locations of all surface and subsurface features (i.e. tank locations and utility line trenches), takes pictures to document property conditions, and identifies any features that may restrict sample collection access. Based on his field drawings, photographs, and notes, Randy uses AutoCad software to construct detailed site plans of study areas. Randy works closely with project managers and field technicians throughout the mapping process to ensure that all pertinent features are identified and located. Accurate site plans becomes the basis upon which additional project data, such as groundwater flow, soil and groundwater analytical results, and piping layouts, is presented. Randy prepares detailed engineering drawings of feasibility testing results, flow processes, and remediation equipment for use in Corrective Action Plan (CAP), Remediation Work Plan (RWP), permit applications, and bid specification documents. He also prepares soil boring logs, monitoring well construction diagrams, and water well location maps for use in reports submitted to regulatory agencies and clients.

As Facility Manager, Randy is responsible for maintaining Creek Run’s building and grounds. Under supervision of the Chief Operating Officer, Randy coordinates and inspects the work of contractors during routine maintenance and facility renovation activities.

Prior to joining Creek Run, Randy’s gained extensive experience in both architecture and manufacturing drafting. In the architectural drafting field, he worked as a structural steel detailer and checker for over six years. In the manufacturing drafting field, he created and maintained production drawings and performed application engineering duties for over 10 years. Randy’s hobbies include golfing and collecting old-time radio broadcasts. He enjoys traveling and visiting historical sites.