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Mohamed Asif Memorial

Mohamed Asif, our Senior Engineer, friend and colleague, passed away unexpectedly on July 22, 2016.  Mohamed worked at Creek Run for over six years and was instrumental in helping us grow.   He was currently working towards a Master’s Degree at Ball State University.  Mohamed took great pride in his work and was well-respected in our profession.  He is survived by his wife, Fahmida, and their two children.  Mohamed will be greatly missed.

As our Senior Engineer, Mohamed provided engineering support to the Creek Run staff and was responsible for planning and developing remedial strategies, preparing Corrective Action Plans (CAPs)/Remediation Work Plans (RWPs), and designing remedial system lay-outs.  Upon CAP/RWP approval, Mohamed coordinated work with clients and regulatory agencies, prepared bid specifications, solicited bids, and evaluated and awarded contracts.  Mohamed oversaw remedial system operations and prepared system evaluations.

Mohamed was a creative and brilliant engineer and had many notable accomplishments in his career at Creek Run.  In one particular project, spacing and permitting constraints inspired Mohamed to design Indiana’s first ever two-tiered remediation system which was installed at one of our client’s sites in Michigan City, Indiana.   Mohamed was instrumental in helping another client obtain approval from the City of Carmel to construct a brand-new convenience store.  There was unprecedented opposition to the development of the store because the property was located in close proximity of the Wellhead Protection Area of the city’s municipal water supply system and the local water company.  Mohamed designed a state-of-the art facility with numerous controls and safety mechanisms built into the underground storage tank system to detect, prevent and respond to any leaks or spills in a timely manner.  The Carmel station now provides the residents in the neighborhood with a much needed convenience store that was previously unavailable

To commemorate our friend, we are coordinating a donation drive in memorial of Mohamed.  His daughter, Alisha, is enrolled as a freshman at Indiana State University. As many of you know, Mohamed believed strongly in education. We believe the best way to honor Mohamed is to contribute to his daughter’s education.  All funds donated to the school will be considered an “outside scholarship” and will be placed in Alisha’s account.  The money may be used for school tuition or room and board.  Please contact Creek Run if you are interested in contributing.

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