• "Using Creek Run allows me to concentrate on my business and not worry about environmental issues. I trust them to handle any issues in a professional manner, but at the same time, being cost efficient. I've had Creek Run take care of all of my environmental needs since the business started in 1993. I couldn't be more pleased since we began our relationship" - Jay Ricker, Ricker Oil Company
  • "We are very pleased with the large percentage of ELTF payments that come back 100% paid without having to resubmit claims. Creek Run does an excellent job for Jay Petroleum." - Tim Caster, Jay Petroleum
  • "Creek Run has been extremely efficient and diligent when it comes to making sure that our sites are approved for ELTF funding. They care more about their customers and their customers' properties than they do lining their pockets with state funding. When you turn a project over to Creek Run you don't worry about it anymore...they just handle it." - Brian King, King Oil Company