Jessie Reeder

Field Geologist

Jessie Reeder is a Field Geologist at Creek Run. Jessie joined the Creek Run staff in September of 2016 and is responsible for groundwater sampling, creating groundwater flow and contaminant plume maps, technical report writing and surveying monitoring wells. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Geology in May 2016 from Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne.

Jessie’s undergraduate research involved the study of taphonomy of late Ordovician phosphatized microfossils, specifically from the Maquoketa formation located in Graf, Iowa. Her research was presented at Geological Society of America conferences in both May and November of 2015. The May presentation was awarded “among best presented.” She also contributed to a 2015 publication in the scientific journal Palaios, entitled: “Giants Among Micromorphs: Were Cincinnatian (Ordovician, Katian) Small Shelly Phosphatic Faunas Dwarfed?”

Jessie enjoys long-distance running, singing, and spending time with her family in her free time.