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  • New Faces at Creek Run: Creek Run welcomed Chris Parks to our team in December 2012. Chris is a Licensed Professional Geologist (#2169) in Indiana, a Professional Geologist (#KY-2371) in Kentucky, a Certified Underground Storage Tank Professional (#1125) in Michigan, and a Certified Class C Wastewater Operator (#WW019802) in Indiana. Chris is also the head of Creek Run's Indianapolis Office. Creek Run also welcomed Corey Cook, a Field Scientist, to our team in November 2012. Creek Run is very pleased to introduce all of our new hires and more information about them can be found on our "Contact Us" page.

    Chris Parks Corey Cook
  • M-PACT 2013: Come see us this year at the Midwestern Petroleum and Convenience Store Tradeshow (M-PACT). We will be in Booth #714. The tradeshow will be held on April 17th and 18th. M-PACT is a great opportunity for Creek Run to meet and greet all of our current clients, as well as potential clients, all under one roof! We hope to see you there!

  • Getting Closure: Our #1 goal is to achieve closure for our clients in the most cost-effective manner. Since 2002, Creek Run has received 74 closure letters from IDEM on behalf of our clients. All letters are framed and hung on the Creek Run Wall of Fame. A yearly breakdown of closure letters is provided below. Please note the 2013 total is through February 2013.

    2002 - 12005 - 12008 - 52011 - 4
    2003 - 12006 - 132009 - 82012 - 12
    2004 - 32007 - 102010 - 112013 - 5

  • Excess Liability Trust Fund: In 2012, Creek Run submitted 341 ELTF claims valued at approximately $4.4 million. Creek Run currently manages over 70 ELTF sites throughout Indiana. Throughout our history, Creek Run has successfully assisted our clients with a 98% average recovery rate of eligible expenses from the ELTF as well as other state's funding mechanisms and insurance carriers. Please call Rob Siders, Creek Run's ELTF Claims Coordinator, at 765-728-8051 if you need assistance or have any questions regarding ELTF.

  • 2013 AAG and AEG Annual Conferences: Creek Run will be attending the 2013 Association of American Geographers (AAG) conference in April 2013 as well as the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG) conference in September 2013. Jason Lenz will be presenting at the AAG conference this year. Jason and Stephanie Bragg will both be presenting at the AEG conference.

  • 2013 Environmental Geology Symposium: The Creek Run Senior Staff will be attending the 7th Annual Creek Run Retreat and Environmental Geology Symposium in French Lick, Indiana in September 2013. Staff will attend an OSHA 8-hour HAZWOPER Refresher Course along with the Environmental Geology Symposium with guest speakers from Bringham Young University, Portland State University, and Mississippi State University. The symposium will conclude with an educational field trip to Marengo Cave.

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